Between Serra do Alvão and digital, FERA and Aguiarfloresta created the first school for shepherds in Portugal. The course started in early 2021 and aims to train the “pastors of the future”

Training entrepreneurs in livestock and pastoral activities, promoting extensive and innovative production methods, which contribute to increasing the sustainability of farms, the sector and the territories where it has a presence, is the objective of the School of Shepherds.

For this, it includes a practical and collaborative approach, namely in the following topics:

  • Extensive production modes
  • Landscape management, carbon sequestration and environmental sustainability
  • Balance between people, animals and nature
  • Complementary product and service offerings
  • Integrated management of the activity/business
  • Collaboration and collective actions
  • Digital economy

Coordinating entity: National Federation of Autochthonous Breeds Associations (FERA)

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