The Portuguese Iberian wolf subpopulation south of the Douro River is currently fragmented and highly isolated from the rest of the Iberian population, due to geographic, ecological and social barriers. The LIFE WolFlux project aims to promote the ecological and socio-economic conditions necessary to support the viability of this Iberian wolf subpopulation.

The overall objective of this project is to promote the necessary ecological and socio-economic conditions to support a viable Iberian wolf subpopulation south of the Douro River, so that this species can play its functional role as a top predator. To achieve this, a series of actions will be implemented over five years to reduce the main threats to this large carnivore.

The project area includes the entire extension of the wolf south of the Douro River. It is believed that a large part of the wolf subpopulation is currently in the areas of Montemuro and Serras da Freita and Arada. There are also some packs in the central area of ​​the project, in the areas of Leomil, Trancoso and Lapa. Due to their location and the stability of these packs, they can play an important role in linking the Montemuro/Freita and Arada area to the packs closest to the border.

Coordinating entity: Rewilding Portugal


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