LIFE MIDMACC promotes adaptation through the implementation and testing of different landscape management measures to address the challenges related to climate change in the marginal mid-mountain areas of Spain (La Rioja, Aragon and Catalonia), while improving their socio-economic development.

The mountainous areas of southern Europe are considered to be highly sensitive to the impacts of climate change due, among others, to the decrease in available water, the duration and severity of drought or the increase in the frequency of fires. In addition, in the last decade these areas have suffered from rural abandonment and the reduction of socio-economic activities, causing a progressive loss of the mosaic landscape and a revegetation of the mountain slopes.

These processes have reduced the environmental services provided by mountain areas, such as the supply of water to the lower parts of the basins, as well as the sustainability of agrarian and forestry systems and their economic income.

In this context, the project promotes the recovery of the agro-silvo-pastoral mosaic to reverse this process and adapt the mid-mountain areas to the impacts of climate change.


Coordinating entity: CREAF

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